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Our company uses state of the art tools. Everything from our collapsible ladders for upward mobility, to electronic meters for basement moisture readings. We carry and may use a boroscope for looking at areas inaccessible behind walls, and a 50 ft endoscope for pipe inspections. All our inspections include a free Infrared Thermal Imaging scan. We can see what others miss !!

Concrete Slab Moisture Testing


One of the most common problems in the multi-billion dollar floor-covering industry continues to be floor-covering failures related to excessive moisture and pH levels of concrete floor slabs. All flooring categories are affected, including resilient flooring, carpet tiles, carpet, wood flooring, coatings and more. Some estimates have been published that concrete-slab, moisture-related floor-covering failures cost retailers, building owners and contractors over $1 billion every year. Commercial and institutional sites have a higher risk of experiencing flooring failures because of high user traffic. Typically, flooring failures resulting from excessive moisture and high pH levels will cause adhesives to ooze from joints; a loss of bonding strength due to re-emulsified adhesives; and contamination by mould, which creates indoor air-quality concerns.


Les Inspections InspectExpert have associated with a California based company  called Independent Floor Testing & Inspection. IFTI is the leading independent concrete slab moisture testing company in North America. We at InspectExpert are their go-to data collection team when commercial concrete moisture testing is required by a client in the Montreal and surrounding areas. The data collected by InspectExpert is then analysed by IFTI and a comprehensive report produced. These results provide clients with the information required to properly budget and schedule installation, while cost effectively reducing their risk of moisture related flooring issues.


Areas of Services

New Construction

New concrete slabs must have a moisture evaluation test completed prior to installation of any flooring.  This is a requirement of every major manufacturer of flooring material and an ASTM standard practice. For warranty protection, it is important to comply with the flooring manufacturer’s requirements and industry standard practices.


Commercial & Industrial Remodels

Occupational turnovers of Commercial or Industrial Properties require due diligence programs by the Owner to avoid additional unforeseen costs during Tenant Improvements. These programs normally assess HVAC, plumbing, asbestos, and other environmental concerns in order to fully comprehend the scope of work that may be required. Many conscientious Clients now include a floor assessment inspection to identify the moisture condition of the concrete slab. When problematic conditions are identified early, both the tenant and landlord are in a better position to determine proper mitigation plans and costs, prior to signing the lease.


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